Why Students running behind Government job so called “Sarkari Naukri 2020” in India 2020

Why Sarkari Naurki 2020 ?

Here are some reasons why sarkari naukri 2020 –

  1. Many of the youngsters in India are risk and pain averse, they don’t want to do hard work achieve much, they are satisfied with what they have.
  2. Government jobs are not at all interesting unless you have interest (which most of them don’t), so usually people go for the other factors involved in them.
    1. Health insurance for life.
    2. So many holidays.
    3. No skill improvement required (In most of them) and so there is a large shelf life of the skills they have at the start.
    4. Salary’s in hand after every month.
    5. Pay commissions, they are awesome.
    6. People still have a stereotype that a government employee has a “different league” than other jobs, some of them have, some don’t.
    7. Pension till death.
    8. A huge amount of money after retirement.
    9. A big pay raise after promotions.
    10. Job safety.
    11. “Sarkari Naukri” tag.
    12. Most of the expenses are covered, most of them get a house also.
  3. I have seen a lot of parents pushing their children to gibe various exams of banks, bank POs, SSC etc. and under this pressure also, students have to join. Recently I received a message from a girl, who is in this problem and wanted a solution, I tried to help her. I can imagine many others might be facing the same problem.

SSC CHSL Exam Syllabus 2020

When you are trying to compare IT jobs with government Jobs so called Sarkari Naukri 2020 and trying to understand the difficulties!. If you consider IT jobs alone, then you will have all the difficulties and advantages of any modern day jobs in IT job also.

SSC CGL 2020 Exam Pattern

Just going to list few difficulties in IT job in comparison to Government jobs.

The first and foremost is the lack of Job Security

Unlike government jobs so called Sarkari Naukri 2020, IT jobs don’t provide you job security. At any point in time you may be fired or you may resign your job with 2 months notice period. So, you should first understand that, these jobs will not be there until your retirement and hence you need to plan your life accordingly. There is a fierce competition in the market in the field of IT. Companies want very talented and young and cheap resources to work on their products and services to sustain in the market. As you get older, you will lose your value. As you get more experience, you will be more vulnerable unless you have the capability and skills to demonstrate that you are required for the company. This keeps going until one fine day you call it quits!. There are no IT unions to support your claims in case of you get into any kind of fight with your employer. You just have to quit and go home

2. Work pressure and Politics

IT people work under pressure, be it project release deadlines, client pressure, managers pressure, peer pressure etc. So you need to learn how to work under pressure without undergoing pressure. You need to work for long hours during critical phases of the project, you need to stay back, come in the weekends and work. The managers keep tracking you about the completion status and hence it will be irritating. You may face pressure from freshers who some time do better than you and it will impact negatively on your performance. You have to attend customer calls when ever it is scheduled. Managers may call you in the weekend or when you are on vacation and irritate you. On the top of all these things, you have to undergo lot of politics in the IT companies. People generally favour their own people based on caste, religion, language etc. You need to manage your boss properly to get recognition and good growth. Every quarterly/mid-yearly/yearly there will be appraisals which decide your future in the company. Even if you would have performed great but there is not guarantee that you will get what you want. So, you have to constantly fight for your survival in your job

3. Updating your skills as per market needs

Technology is changing very rapidly, every coming day you come across, new programming languages, platforms, systems, technologies, new paradigms, new innovations etc. Being in IT job, you need to constantly update your skills and be at market standard. As you grow in terms of experience and salary, the expectations grow equally. You need to be a constant learner to adapt to new technological trends

4. Work life balance

The work life balance in IT job is relatively poor as you don’t work like working in factory environment and bound by entry and exit time. You need to work under tight schedule to complete your assigned job. So it is bit difficult to achieve work life balance. I had attended a Tech Symposium, where a guy from Google had come to give a speech. He mentioned that, he was not able to talk to his young daughter for few years as he used to reach home late everyday due to project pressure. Due to this his daughter had got into depression. So this is what may happen. You have to choose between career and family and focus on one of them

5. Mass layoffs

Last but not the least, the IT companies perform mass layoffs when their business doesn’t do well or they don’t get project or they discontinue some products etc. So this is a kind of sudden death. Unless you are prepared for these situations, you will go mad. So keep your RESUME updated, keep your skills updated, keep your contacts updated and have some backup survival plans to live without salary. Don’t make too many financial commitments

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